There are incredible resources, already in our inner worlds,

that can help us in very powerful ways

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Based in Northern Ireland and operating globally, HealthierSelf C.I.C. helps those who are living with a life altering or life threatening health condition.


There are highly practical tools and techniques that we can each learn to use so that we can; 


  • relieve and better manage pain,

  • deal better with symptoms,

  • devise more effective coping strategies,

  • aid recovery

  • facilitate important attitude change.

To help you learn and integrate these tools we use a range of coaching, mentoring and teaching methods in conjunction with 1:1 and group sessions. We also provide sessions in both face to face and online formats.

We hope that this short video gives you a better sense of what we do and how we do it.

Healing from within - a simple notion

The body already knows some ways in which to heal?


Think of the times that you have been ill or injured and you recovered well. You might remember one significant time. You might also remember lots of little injuries and ailments from which you recovered quickly, naturally and with very little thought on your part.


Now think about what sorts of things must have happened within you for those healings to have happened. Our approach is to explore how such healing processes might work and how we might tap into them.


At HealthierSelf C.I.C. we take this notion and apply it to a range of scenarios. It is not a surefire certainty. It can however often make a difference.