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A Great Night's Sleep

If you are reading this you are most likely one of the so, so many people who crave a decent night's sleep and to awaken rested, restored and refreshed.

It is already accepted - sleep is vital to our wellbeing. And not just any old sleep - we need the right amount and the right type. Deep refreshing sleep to be exact.

Yes, decent sleep can be so elusive for many. There are those who go to bed, get to sleep very quickly and then stay asleep. You might well consider them lucky.

I took a different approach. Using a specific framework and precision questions I modelled how they achieved what some would consider this miraculous feat of "going straight to sleep."


I mapped the results into a programme which teaches specific physical and psychological routines which when practised will lead you to deep refreshing sleep.

In our first exercise I propose that if you want to sleep like a log, well then, you've got to think like a log. It's a simple yet powerful mind body visualisation.

Our next Great Night's Sleep workshop is on 1st & 2nd April 2019