Areas of work

The opening range of workshops are as follows:

A Great Night’s Sleep                              Pain Relief Without Pills

Hay Fever Relieved                                 AnxiousKnowMore


I help those who are dealing with life changing and life threatening conditions. For personally important reasons, my especial focus is on helping people with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

More generally, I have a syllabus of events for those who want to make significant improvements in their physical health and wellbeing, no matter the seriousness of their symptom or diagnosis.

My beginning portfolio of workshops teaches highly practical tools and techniques for improving sleep, relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety and helping those who suffer from hay fever. This last theme is especially important as I learn more about other immune system interventions.

I use tools and techniques from a range of disciplines (NLP, CBT, Coaching and Hypnotherapy). We also use Virtual Reality in our work.

The following further events are already in the planning stage: 

NLP meets VR meets Cancer

NLP meets VR meets Multiple Sclerosis

NLP meets VR meets Fibromyalgia

We will use Virtual Reality to help us on our health journeys 

The majority of our workshops will take place at the Innovation Factory in Belfast. The Meeting Rooms are bright, comfortable and the venue is easily accessed and has ample parking.

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