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Immune System Support

Each week, in this live online event we will present at least one technique from the suite that we have been building.  So far, we have more than 40 processes for you to explore. These cover pain relief, getting sleep and dealing with the thoughts and emotions that come with both a diagnosis and the associated symptoms. 

Some of the techniques are based in our ability to visualise and imagine. Others connect to things we can do physically, the mind/body link can indeed offer ways to find relief. 

Where & When Does It Happen?

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We shall begin by using Zoom. Many are already familiar with this platform.


Once you have registered then we shall send you a welcome e-mail with the event link included.

We are already working on both a "Members" area and a "Groups" area. 

We hope that you use more of our materials. We have so much more to come. If you do, then you can keep your sessions in your Members area and study and practice at your leisure.

In the Groups area we want to create a community of like minded learners who want to share their successes, pass on tips and helpful hints and learn from others.

How much does it cost?


We are asking for a donation of £7.50 for each 90 minute session.


Our mission is to make these materials as widely available as possible. We are not funded in any way and we do of course have costs. Please be assured that your donations will help us create ever more content and therefore help ever more people. 

Reserve your space with Stripe
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If you live with a condition and cannot work you might find the cost too expensive. If so, please contact us and we shall set up a free coupon.