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Multiple Sclerosis

This is a condition that I knew very little about. That was right up until the moment that someone that I love so very deeply was diagnosed.

Given what I already knew about pain relief and sleep it was obvious where I should head next. I have upped my study programme. Last year I travelled to Holland for a Health Certification training. That was excellent - so much so that I am going back again this year.


There is much to learn about MS and how I can help.  How specifically does stress affect the immune system for example. And what can we do about that?

I have a list of the most common symptoms and I am building a suite of tools and techniques to help cope with each. I will soon be launching a series of workshops which will help people deal with those symptoms. These are due to begin in April 2019.


I will publish articles and videos on this site to help both those with the diagnosis and those who love and care for them. The video above is just one from the MS Society.