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Multiple Sclerosis & Immune System conditions

We each have an immune system. Without it, we would constantly get sick from bacteria or viruses. The special cells, tissues and organs within this system work together to protect us. It is our defence against infections and other harmful invaders. Some people's work better than others. Some are under active, others are over active.

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Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, whose cause is unknown. There are three main types - relapsing, primary progressive and secondary progressive.  Those with the same type will experience it in different ways. There can be some hugely challenging symptoms. We will focus much of our attention on helping those who live or care for someone, with this condition.

A set of tools that you can use

Be it Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Colitis, Crohn's, Psoriasis or indeed anyone of the estimated 80 different types of auto-immune disease we have some ways to help.


There are tools and approaches that you can use. Some will help you manage pain and other symptoms better. There are also techniques, some very easily learned, that can help you manage the mental and emotional  aspects of your condition.

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Hay Fever Relieved

For a very long time and like many others, I thought that if you had hay fever then that was pretty much that. It turns out that there is another approach.

I saw a video on the internet where a practitioner, Tim Halbolm, helped a lady who was allergic to lilies amongst other things.

I have since learned that technique. I have met Tim and his two colleagues, Suzi Smith and Robert Dilts. These three developed and refined the technique. 

Dr. Michael Levi, an immunology researcher, noted that allergies are like a phobia of the immune system. Robert, a significant developer of NLP, made the realisation that since NLP already had a process that helped reduce or eliminate phobias in a very short period of time, they could apply the same principles of the phobia cure to allergies and get similar results.

Tim and Suzi thoroughly tested and refined the process. Their key finding was, essentially, that the immune system has made a mistake and misidentified a harmless substance, as a dangerous pathogen. The allergic response is an overreaction by the immune system. The technique, The Allergy Relief Process, retrains the immune system so it responds appropriately. The process is simple, painless and effective.