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"Fatboy" meets "Slim"

Truth be told, I've been fat all my life. There were some very short periods that when dieting, I achieved something like what my ideal weight and shape could or should be. They however, are so very clearly the exceptions.

Why the "fatboy" meets "slim" title? When a teenager I was especially heavy. Eugene, a lad who lived up the street was as thin as the proverbial beanpole. I called him fatboy, he called me slim. We laughed each and every time. This title then refers to a happy memory that is personally significant.​

Now, as I approach my 63rd birthday I've decided that it's time. Seeing myself in some recent photographs has proved a real stimulus for action. It is amazing how we can fool ourselves. How could I not have noticed?

Self-denial, self-deceit and self-delusion - we all live there in some way., my eating patterns are such a significant part of this story. They are also the solution - no need to look outside or elsewhere. The answers are within. Tracking and dealing with the core patterns that drive my mood/food will be the keys to my success. 

I hope that the information that I will provide here helps you towards yours.