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How we work together

When we meet and do some work, whether on a 1:1 or group workshop basis, there are some guidelines that are so important.

First, your safety is paramount and I will work hard to ensure that is the case. Second, something must be different, better and improved as a result of our time together. If it is not, then why on earth would we meet? 

I will make some notes, mostly in mind map format. Depending on where we meet, I will possibly even record the session. This helps both of us. When working with a health issue, it is essential that people see a doctor and get their recommendation. Only then can we work together and explore those inner structures that can drive health and wellbeing. 

There are no guarantees that "inner work" will bring the desired changes where physical issues are involved. Yes, some people have experienced quite surprising results of healing after doing inner work, so it is well worth exploring. 

Once we have identified what outcomes you are after I will devise a "treatment plan". This is a planned series of specific interventions in how you think and feel. There will also be a series of tasks and some homework, all designed to help you on your journey.

In workshops we will strive to make the room welcoming, comfortable safe and fun. All the material that we present will be relevant and practical. Whatever theme we are exploring there will be plenty to practise and fully experience.