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7 Hours in A&E

An intermittent pain in my chest started on Monday last week. “Wind,” I thought.

On Tuesday the on-call Doctor advised that it would be best if I got myself to A&E.

“And bring an overnight bag” she advised.

“Hhhmmmm, mightn’t be wind then” I thought.

Seven hours later, Doctor Katie, Ulster Hospital, A&E, told me that all results were clear. Three blood tests, an ECG, an X-ray, blood pressure – all were good. The problem was perhaps a virus of some sort.

Yes indeed, I was relieved. There is one take-away however that I especially want to report.

The doctors, nurses, the whole team, they were fantastic. I was treated with such respect and care. Whilst I was busy doing my dad jokes and various comedy routines, they were doing their jobs; asking lots of questions, measuring, testing etc. keeping me informed and making sure that I was safe and well.

It wasn’t just me. A&E on Tuesday past was a busy place. There were many others in pain and distress. Pretty typical in A&E departments as you’d imagine.

Later, I thought about how these and other health workers deal with this constant stream of people in difficulty. We have some seriously kind, clever, intelligent and hugely knowledgeable, hard-working and so very, very dedicated people working in our best interests.

Hats off!

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