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All Rest & No Play!

Relieved of our Granddaughter duties for the day, we decided to head up to Portrush.

The weather was fantastic. Parked at White Rocks, walked into town, had a coffee and then walked back out. Drove back into Portrush, heading straight for the West Strand this time and dip in the sea. Yes, it was cold getting in. Once in though it was lovely.

Sat in the sun a while and then shared a fish supper. Chatted for a short while to Andy, a great, great friend and then headed home.

We had a really splendid day. Seems too obvious to say it but taking a day off when well, getting outdoors, walking barefoot on really great sand, taking a dip, this has got to be one of the best anti-sickness policies.

And as I think about it this morning, worse than dull, all work and no play could actually make Jack a sick boy!

Oh yes, and if the forecast is good I think we’ll be taking the wee one there next week.

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