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AutoImmune Support, Distraction Works

In today’s post I share a little more on what this AutoImmune Support Programme is about. If you have a diagnosis, then you may already know that a condition can be ever so hard to deal with.

It is also worth noting that some of these symptoms appear across a range of autoimmune conditions. Pain management and fatigue for example, are commonly reported across different conditions.

Our goal in this Programme is to simultaneously work across a range of autoimmune conditions. In this video then I describe just a little how this Programme can offer some relief, some ways of better managing symptoms, no matter the condition.

When you learn some ways of sufficiently directing your attention, of distracting yourself, then I believe you will experience some sort of relief.

This is especially useful when added to your existing treatment methods.

Last thing for now, if you find this material of interest and you think that others might well be interested, then please share freely.

More tomorrow.



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