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AutoImmune Support - Things Worth Learning

It’s there, time and time again. There are ordinary folk doing really clever things when it comes to pain, sleep and symptom management. They weren’t advised by a specialist, a doctor, a therapist or a practitioner. They worked something out in their own way, using their own sense of things.

In what are oftentimes random conversations I meet people who cope really well with pain, who sleep without any difficulty whatsoever or people who can make something difficult not matter or matter much less.

Most times, when I ask someone how they do these sorts of things, they look at me with a somewhat blank expression. They are not consciously aware of how they can make pain not matter for instance.

Persisting with respectful questions pays off however. The next time you hear someone say “well, I’ve no choice, I just have to push on through”, slow them down, back up even, and ask, “so, how do you do that?”

And you will invariably find things that are truly worth learning.

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