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Different Strokes for Different Folks

How can this Programme help people with such different conditions? That question comes up often.

We are not Doctors, Neurologists or such like. The tools and techniques that we study and use are drawn from the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming (“NLP”), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (“CBT”) and Coaching.

We are curious about how people think, feel and act. We are skilled in helping people make important changes in their thinking and feeling. Whilst people might share a diagnostic label (MS, Lupus, Colitis, etc) how each person experiences their condition will be different.

When I was dealing with fibromyalgia my fatigue, my pain, my very fuzzy mind and my “disco legs” may have sounded the same as someone else’s. In truth though there were significant differences.

How I mentally represent pain for example is unique to me. How I talk to myself when in pain or about pain – these are my ways of doing so.

My values and beliefs about illness, health, the past and the future, they are mine and they fed into how I experienced fibro.

In our AutoImmune Support Programme then, we help people find ways in which to shift how they think, feel and act in regard to their individual experience of a shared diagnosis.

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