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Going further abroad in The Land of Nod

Updated: May 8, 2021

"The Land of Nod"

Whilst exploring some further material on how we each go to sleep, I came upon this poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. I enjoyed reading it, especially these lines.

But every night I go abroad.

Afar into the land of Nod.

and this

All alone beside the streams

And up the mountain-sides of dreams.

I learned the hard way that sleep is such a critically important use of our time. When I finally accepted that as a truth, getting to sleep became much easier.

Sleeping, and the dreaming that goes with it, are simply another aspect of life, an integral and utterly essential part of our being.

I invite you to review and reconsider what sleep actually is and all that happens when we are away in the land of nod. You might then be able to go even further abroad in the Land of Nod.



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