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Insomnia Solutions

There are many solutions for insomnia. We are all different of course and therefore there is no one best answer to the problem of sleeplessness.

Sleep of course is primarily an inside job! I learned this the hard way some years back when I had real trouble sleeping.

I developed quite a number of approaches to help me get the night’s sleep that I craved. One approach was simply to be patient. Rather than huff and puff and get all annoyed about not being asleep, I simply accepted as fact that I would soon be back to sleep. I settled myself, physically and mentally.

Worked a charm.

Last night I woke at 03.00. No idea why. For a moment I thought, “oh no!”. Then I relaxed and accepted the fact that I would soon be sleeping. I allowed myself to patiently await going back to sleep. And bingo, that was me. Off again to the land of nod. IN what seemed like a few seconds.

If this feels like something that might work for you, here are the steps.

Hold as a truth, or even just an idea, that you will go back to sleep.

Stop fussing and getting on.

Settle yourself physically and mentally

Calm your breathing

Relax into a patient frame of mind.

Resistance in this instance is futile. Simply let it happen.

Hope this helps.

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