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Jim Carrey learns pain relief for Grinch role

Updated: May 23, 2021

I first became aware of this maybe 15 years ago and I was immediately fascinated. The thing that most spoke to me was the idea that, yes indeed, there is so much more that we can do to manage pain. Isn’t it quite something that people are taught how endure torture?

In this clip, Jim Carrey tells how he got help to handle the challenge of getting made up for his role in the film, the Grinch. It sounds like it was pretty hard to deal with. I’m glad he has shared the real story.

There’s such an obvious connection in this for those living with an autoimmune condition? There are so many people experiencing pain. On social media I see many folks describing the significant challenges they are having. This goes beyond autoimmune conditions of course.

This question of how we can use our mental, emotional and physical capabilities and how we can learn coping strategies is an important one. I see this type of approach as a useful addition to how we might deal better with pain related to autoimmune and other conditions.

In this video clip he mentions a number of distraction techniques. I laughed when he finished by mentioning the Bee Gees. Could you use music to distract yourself from pain? If so, and if not the Bee Gees, then who would you choose?

He also mentioned other forms of distraction. What else might you use?

If you have any tips (mental, emotional or physical) that you use to relieve pain then I’d love to hear from you. Whatever it is that you do, it’d be great if you could share.

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