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Perspective shifting

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Some view!! worth trying for a change of perspective. (Credit: N.A.S.A.)

I've heard it said that all change is about a change of perspective. When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.

Here's a picture that so grabbed me. Imagine being that astronaut? Really and truly imagine that. Be that spaceman. What was it like when the hatch opened and he popped his head out? What was he hearing. What did that space suit feel like?

And then imagine the sheer scale of what he was looking at? Awesome and awe inspiring perhaps? Humbling?

Simply notice what you feel when you look back at our planet from that perspective.

And now think about some problem you are dealing with. Take that spaceman's perspective and look at that problem, that far away?

There are times when all we need is distance from our problems. A change in perspective can make such a powerful difference.

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