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The NLP Allergy Relief Process

Updated: May 20, 2021

Some years ago I read about the NLP Allergy Relief process (in the excellent Beliefs, Pathways to Health and Well-being by Dilts, Hallbom and Smith). I found it fascinating but since I didn't suffer any allergies I didn't investigate much further.

Sometime later I found a video on the internet where Tim Hallbom was demonstrating the technique ( That original fascination was well and truly piqued. I studied the tape, went back to the book and really studied the process.

The next piece of course was to use the technique with some folk who might need it. Gemma was one of those "early explorers". She joined me for this interview with Ciaran Connolly of ProfileTree (

My fascination continues. It was especially powerful to meet the authors at the Health Certification Training in Holland in 2018.

My plan now is to run a hay fever relief workshop every month from this point forward. Furthermore, and given my interest in multiple sclerosis, I am already investigating how this process might help with other immune system difficulties. I shall keep you posted

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