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Try This On Google

Here is an exercise for you to try.

Open your Google browser. Type the words “why am I...”. Watch the autocomplete suggestions.

The first is “why am I so tired?”

Of the “why am I … type of question, this is the most commonly asked on Google.

That is a lot of people. (About 334,000,000 results - 0.39 seconds). The Keywords Everywhere graphic is even more interesting. It shows an incredible climb in searches from 2004 till now.

Something’s up. How come this tiredness is so widespread? If you carry through on that search you will find people advising a lot of reasons as to why you are so tired. All of the following got a mention.


Vitamin deficiency

Lack of sleep

Being overweight

Sedentary lifestyle


Sleep disorders



Snoring & Sleep Apnea



The list goes on.

What about sorting out the “why am I so tired?” conundrum. Well, again, there are lots of possibilities offered.

Eat often

Drink more water

Get moving

Lose weight

Sleep well

Power nap

Reduce stress

Talking therapy

Cut out caffeine

Drink less alcohol

Two points then.

If you are tired you are most certainly not alone.

To solve the problem, you will need to check a number of factors.

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