Welcome to our Power Nap Café

Working from Home?

How has that been for you? Perhaps you are doing more than you would have done had you been in your office. Perhaps you are one of the many people who have found screen life something of a drain on your energy.


You might be one of those who works nights. Much is known about how that can impact a person's life. It might be that having a 20 minute power nap might help restore some balance.

Essential Worker?

Are you a critical worker, in either the public-sector or private-sector? As someone who is providing an essential service you might be especially stretched. This might well have been before Covid~19 arrived. 

The HealthierSelf Power Nap Cafe  

If you are in any of those categories then we have something that we feel will help you through your working day.


Increased energy, improved creativity and problem solving abilities and better health and well being are some accepted benefits of power napping.


Adding a cup of coffee before starting a 20 minute power nap adds a further energy boost when you waken.

We have planned a total of 6 sessions, each lasting 1 hour and held online over a 6 week period. In each session we will teach you a technique that helps you settle quickly into a 20 minute power nap. We then guide you through the power nap itself.

If you would like to know more then please just call or e-mail me (07801 980920 or paul@healthierself.net)

If you are already convinced and you would like to reserve a space on one or perhaps all six sessions, then please book here.

To learn more contact Paul on 07801 980920 or e-mail paul@healthierself.net or visit

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