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We already know ways in which to heal

Might it be the case that the body already knows some ways in which to heal? It seems too simple a question. The answer is yes of course, we can all heal in some ways. It's just not obvious however exactly how that works.

Think of the times that you have been ill or injured. Think about what sorts of things must have happened within you for healing to have happened.

Driven by an experience of fibromyalgia, my approach has been to explore how this  healing thing might work. I wanted to find ways, other than relying solely on medication, to return to a decent level of physical well-being. I had great success.

I learned in a very direct and powerful way this simple and somewhat obvious fact: there are so many ways in which we can help ourselves recover and heal.

That for me, is absolutely worth exploring much, much further. Consider the following piece by Steve Andreas. 

How to Mobilise and Support Natural Healing

Steve was one of my teachers. Sadly he's no longer with us. By heavens though, he has left us with a rich library of tools and techniques to explore. Here's an article of his that describes beautifully how we might use our minds and those inner resources to help our healing journeys.