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Rationale - think of it this way

I absolutely buy the line which says that mind and body are one system. One will absolutely affect the other - mind to body, body to mind. The question then of course becomes, how do we get that to work better? 


I think of it this way. If there is a thing called psycho-somatic illness, might there be a thing called psycho-somatic health? If that's true, how might that work? 

And is it true that one's attitude or one's belief system can positively impact a person's journey towards recovery and wellness, even in very difficult situations? I think there's evidence that's true. Again though, how might we make that work?

Let's go further. Can stress cause cancer? Can stress cause heart attacks? Can stress negatively affect the immune system? Can stress worsen conditions like IBS, psoriasis or eczema? I've asked these questions to so many people. Some agree, some are less sure.

Actually, this mind/body link might be even simpler to prove. If someone speaks sharply to you does your body react? Do you blush perhaps? Does your breathing stop for a moment or does your heart miss a beat? Does your stomach churn or might your chest tighten?


If you answer yes to any of the above, then it might well be that you are saying that a psychological event can cause or contribute to a physiological condition. And that is the basis from which I work.