An alternative perspective
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Hello. My name is Paul Tracey and I am the originator of this HealthierSelf project.


There are certain ideas and beliefs that I hold which I feel are so important. I believe for instance that mind and body are one system. One will affect the other - mind to body, body to mind.


When I accept that as true, the question then becomes, "how do I get this mind/body connection to work so that I can improve my health?"

If, for instance, there is a thing called psycho-somatic illness, might there be a thing called psycho-somatic health? Is it true that one's attitude or one's beliefs can positively impact a person's journey towards recovery and wellness?

Let's go further. Can stress cause cancer? Can stress cause heart attacks? Can stress negatively affect the immune system? Can stress worsen conditions like IBS or psoriasis? I've asked these questions to so many people. Some disagree, some are less sure and some are certain that there is a link between physical conditions and how we think and feel. 

In my view, this mind/body connection shows up in people every day. For example, if someone speaks sharply to you does your body react? Do you blush perhaps? Does your breathing stop for a moment or does your heart miss a beat? Does your stomach churn or might your chest tighten?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it might well be that you are saying that a psychological event can cause or contribute to a physiological condition. And that is the basis from which we work.

So, specifically we coach, mentor and teach in the areas symptom relief, managing pain, sleeping better and managing fatigue. We also help people with the mental and emotional aspects of living with a significant diagnosis.