An alternative perspective

Hello. My name is Paul Tracey and I am the originator of this HealthierSelf project.


There are certain ideas and beliefs that I hold which I feel are so important. I believe for instance that mind and body are one system. One will affect the other - mind to body, body to mind. When I accept that as true, the question then becomes, "how do I get this mind/body connection to work so that I can improve my health?"


If, for instance, there is a thing called psycho-somatic illness, might there be a thing called psycho-somatic health? Is it true that one's attitude or one's beliefs can positively impact a person's journey towards recovery and wellness?

Let's go further. Can stress cause cancer? Can stress cause heart attacks? Can stress negatively affect the immune system? Can stress worsen conditions like IBS or psoriasis? I've asked these questions to so many people. Some disagree, some are less sure and some are certain that there is a link between physical conditions and how we think and feel. 

In my view, this mind/body connection shows up in people every day. For example, if someone speaks sharply to you does your body react? Do you blush perhaps? Does your breathing stop for a moment or does your heart miss a beat? Does your stomach churn or might your chest tighten?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it might well be that you are saying that a psychological event can cause or contribute to a physiological condition. And that is the basis from which we work.

So, specifically we provide pain relief coaching, we teach techniques for better sleep, techniques better sleep and managing fatigue. We also deal with coping with emotions.

Working together - what it's like?

When we work together, whether 1:1 or in a workshop, face to face or online, your safety is paramount. We will work hard to ensure that is the case.


Our primary function is to meet you wherever you are with your health and help you travel further along the path to the health outcomes that you want.


As a result of our time together something must of course be different, better and improved . If it is not, then why on earth would we meet?

Talk Therapy face-1370956_1920.jpg

You might well be dealing with something serious, troubling or very difficult to deal with. Whether it's pain relief coaching, managing fatigue or coping with emotions there are tools and approaches that will help. We understand and we will hold a space for you that allows you approach these matters gently, with increased confidence and also determinedly.

Maps of the world.png

Our role then is to guide you as your explore your inner world; your mental, emotional and behavioural "maps".


We believe that this exploration will help shine a light on some things that you might usefully change so that your "maps" are enriched and serve you better.​

We focus on outcomes. We ask "what is that you want? and "When you have that, then what?"


We explore what life is like currently. Whatever your symptoms, we identify how they are structured.


We help you identify whatever resources you might need that will help you manage or cope in a better way. 

There are of course no guarantees that this "inner work" will bring the desired changes where physical issues are involved. Yes, some people have experienced quite surprising and fantastic results of healing. Some have not. We are still convinced however that it is well worthwhile exploring these other aspects and components of health and wellbeing.

Once we have identified the outcomes you are after we devise a "plan". Most often, this is a series of specific interventions that we believe will help you in how you think, feel and act. There might also be a series of tasks and some homework. These are all designed to help you on your health journey.


Our focus is on your moment to moment felt sense experience. All the material that we present will be relevant and practical. Whatever theme we are exploring there will be plenty to practise and fully experience.