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The Art of Sleep

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

There is plenty of science around that deals with sleep. Given what we have studied and learned, there is also a certain artistry involved.


Our Art of Sleep programme brings together 18 different techniques that can help you sleep better. The majority are so easy to learn.


They are all focused on the practical application of how you can artfully guide yourself to having the sleep that you want.

The Art of Sleep

Our Solutions

We tap into the mind/body connection and show how you can use the body to lead you into sleep. Over the past 10 years we’ve asked many people about the routine they go through once they are in bed. Every person can describe a particular body position that they get themselves into just before going to sleep. We take that as our starting point. There are some powerful and natural anchors right there.

Sleep positions.jpeg

Physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion are different things. We’ve heard it said that, “It is the mind that needs sleep, not the body.” Given what goes on when we are asleep then, it seems that there’s something in that.


We have tools that help you calm the mind, slow the racing thoughts, switch off and focus instead on your sleep intention.

Is there a difference between thinking and imagining? We believe that there is. We take this idea much further and show you how to build visualisations that will take you into deep, lasting and refreshing sleep.

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