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Virtual Reality - a powerful resource that immediately convinced me

I first saw this video a few years back. I was immediately and completely convinced of the power of this medium. You can watch the full video here:


As a student of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming ("NLP") I already knew something of how we structure our inner worlds. Seeing this lady become so calm, indeed to see her enjoying herself so much, and to see this happening so quickly was pretty special.

This video resonated especially deeply. My mother endured this condition in her last years.  


I congratulate the people at Tribemix - what they are doing is quite marvellous. 


They have provided me with a number of themes to investigate. I was immediately determined to explore further, especially given my interest in pain relief and deep refreshing sleep.

I have now purchased 4 Oculus Go headsets and together with some volunteers I am testing out a range of apps. 

My ultimate goal is to take some of the techniques that I already know and produce them in a VR format.