Our Focus

We want to help those who are dealing with life changing or life threatening conditions.


The following however are of especial interest to us.

  • Multiple Sclerosis (“M.S.”)

  • Other Immune System conditions like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis (“RA”), Psoriasis, Eczema, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (“IBD”), Hay Fever and other allergies

  • Heart Disease

  • Pain and disability caused by disease, accidents or violence

We believe that we can help you, in some way, whatever your health issue. That is a big claim. Given our beliefs about the mind/body connection and the untapped resources that we each have we believe that so much more is possible. We use tools and techniques from a range of disciplines (NLP, CBT, Coaching, Hypnosis and Virtual Reality).

Our role then is to guide you as your explore your inner world; your mental, emotional and behavioural "maps".


We believe that this exploration will help shine a light on some things that you might usefully change so that your "maps" are enriched and serve you better.​

We focus on outcomes. We ask "what is that you want? and "When you have that, then what?"

Maps of the world.png

We explore what life is like currently. Whatever your symptoms, we identify how they are structured.


We help you identify whatever resources you might need that will help you manage or cope in a better way. 

There are of course no guarantees that this "inner work" will bring the desired changes where physical issues are involved. Yes, some people have experienced quite surprising and fantastic results of healing. Some have not. We are still convinced however that it is well worthwhile exploring these other aspects and components of health and wellbeing.

Once we have identified the outcomes you are after we devise a "plan". Most often, this is a series of specific interventions that we believe will help you in how you think, feel and act. There might also be a series of tasks and some homework. These are all designed to help you on your health journey.