The Coronavirus has impacted how we deliver 1:1 coaching sessions and group workshops. We have vacated our office at the Innovation Factory and for the time being we will be working from home.

Everything that we offer will be available in an online format. We can conduct the coaching sessions over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. 

Our approach is still the same and we will use these online platforms to help you learn the techniques involved that will help you in your specific situation.

Here are the Programmes that we are working on now. We will post on a range of social media platforms when we launch.

Current Programmes

We have a suite of approximately 30 separate techniques that you can use to help manage an autoimmune condition. 


This will be a 90 minute session which will take place weekly. We begin at 14.00 GMT and finish promptly at 15.30.  

We have priced each session at £7.50. For those whose condition causes some financial difficulty please let us know and we shall organise a free ticket for you.

There are many benefits to having a nap during the day. Whether you are working or whether you live with a significant health condition, getting a 20 minute nap can really help.

In this series we offer a number of techniques that will help you get into a short sleep ever so quickly.

Importantly, you will waken refreshed and restored and better able for whatever it is that needs your attention. 

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To learn more contact Paul on 07801 980920 or e-mail or visit

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