The Coronavirus has impacted how we deliver 1:1 coaching sessions and group workshops.


We have vacated our office at the Innovation Factory and for the time being we will be working from home.

Everything that we offer will be available in an online format.


We can conduct the coaching sessions over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. 

We are currently working on getting both the technology and our new learning platform up to speed and working efficiently and effectively. As soon as we we have content available we will make that known through this website and digital channels.


Our approach is still the same. We will provide pain relief coaching and the associated workshops that will help you learn the techniques involved that will help you in your specific situation. We will also present techniques for better sleep, managing fatigue or coping with emotions. At some level we will also explore how we can tap into the body's natural ability to heal.

To learn more contact Paul on 07801 980920 or e-mail or visit

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