Working Together

First things first

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When we meet, it is essential that you have spoken to your Doctor or other health professional. We will want to know that you have done so and that you are clear on both what your diagnosis is and what they have proposed as a treatment plan. 


We know from direct personal experience that our health care specialists are quite incredible in what they can do for us. They have studied long and hard and know things that are quite amazing. Our aim then is to compliment the amazing work that they do.

Whether 1:1 or in a workshop, face to face or online, your safety is paramount. We will work hard to ensure that is the case.


Our primary function is to meet you wherever you are with your health and help you travel further along the path to the health outcomes that you want.


As a result of our time together something must of course be different, better and improved . If it is not, then why on earth would we meet?

You might well be dealing with something serious, troubling or very difficult to come to terms with. Whether it's pain relief coaching, managing fatigue or coping with emotions there are tools and approaches that will help. We understand and we will hold a space for you that allows you to approach these matters gently, with increased confidence and also determinedly.